Welcome to my web collection of photographs from Iceland. The photographs are a small selection of the 1,500 or so slides I took in Iceland during six visits over a twenty-year period beginning in 1965. I make no claim to artistic merit in these photographs. I have chosen them simply because they capture for me something of the mood of the Icelandic landscape or a special moment during one of my trips.

In all, you will find more than three hundred and twenty pictures of Iceland's landscape, both rural and urban, organized geographically to let you take a "virtual tour" around the island. Use the text list to the right of the map below to go another page for that part of Iceland, which in turn contains from eight to thirty-six more thumbnail photographs, coupled with links to larger displays of each picture.

As well as this virtual tour of Iceland, there are several Slide shows in which I have re-organized the pictures according to themes and places in the Icelandic landscape. Also, there is now a gallery of 120 of my favourite photos, all presented at a larger size and better resolution: Landscapes of Iceland.

Another recent addition (December, 2008) to this website is a poster which I have made using more than forty of the photographs, including panoramas as well as normal-sized pictures. The actual size of the poster is 18.5 x 26.7 inches (47 x 68 cm), suitable for framing in a 19.75" x 27.5" (50 x 70 cm) frame without a mat.

If you are interested in buying a copy of the poster, please send an email message to Ed Jackson (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).

Each poster is an original, not mass-produced, and is individually printed on high-quality heavy glossy paper using the latest and highest-quality ink-jet technology.

To help you see the poster at a larger size and higher resolution than the small image to the left, you can view it at three different sizes here:

  • Width = 325 pixels; file-size = 88k
  • Width = 700 pixels; file-size = 310k
  • Width = 1100 pixels; file-size = 551k

  • Links to the Regions of Iceland
    1. Reykjavík
    2. Snæfellsnes & Breiðafjörður
    3. Ísafjörður
    4. Blöndudalur and Vatnsdalur
    5. Skagaheiði
    6. Öxnadalur
    7. Akureyri & Eyjafjörður
    8. Grímsey
    9. Mývatn & Dettifoss
    10. Eastern Iceland
    11. Vatnajökull
    12. Kirkjubæjarklaustur
    13. South-west Iceland
    14. Þingvellir & Gullfoss
    Reykjavík Snæfellsnes Ísafjörður Blöndudalur & Vatnsdalur
    Skagaheiði Öxnadalur Akureyri & Eyjafjörður Grímsey
    Mývatn & Dettifoss Eastern Iceland Vatnajökull Kirkjubæjarklaustur
    South-west Iceland Þingvellir & Gullfoss    

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