As most followers of the Big Chris Barber Band will know, the band spends much of the year touring in Europe, including frequent visits to Switzerland. On one of the most recent Swiss tours, trumpeter Mike Henry made a fairly long sequence of video clips on a 30-km leg of the trip from Chur to Arosa. We have edited the clips into a short video, which also features a recent concert recording of the band playing Merry-Go-Round.

Here is what Mike wrote about this part of the trip:

The exact location is the mountain road from Chur to Arosa, Switzerland (a drive of 30 km). The videos and pictures were taken along the road up to Arosa, and then the final part is Arosa Village itself. We stop at the end of the village, which is where we have to put the chains on each van, to get the 500 yards back down the side road to the Hotel Excelsior. It always snows overnight, so we just leave the chains on and drive down to the village on the very snowy side road to a large car park at the bottom. On the flat we can take them off and drive on the main road again, which is always clear of snow.

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