Among the thousands of photographs in the Barber-Purser archives, there are many contact sheets -- full-size prints of multiple small photographs taken by professional photographers for perusal and choice by their clients and themselves. This page shows six of them, mostly taken around 1960, plus selections of enlargements from each sheet.

The photographs range from standard posed shots to less formal TV concert appearances, as well as several candid pictures. There are at least a couple of rarities worth noting: Contact Sheet 6 includes two photographs of Sandy Brown playing clarinet with Chris on trombone and Pat on trumpet. Sandy subbed briefly with the band after Monty Sunshine left at the end of 1960 and Ian Wheeler joined early in 1961.

Single photographs from Contact Sheet 1
Single photographs from Contact Sheet 2
Single photographs from Contact Sheet 3
Single photographs from Contact Sheet 4
Single photographs from Contact Sheet 5
Single photographs from Contact Sheet 6
Photographs from Contact Sheet 1
Hughie Green, Monty Sunshine, and Chris Barber:
Silver disc for Petite Fleur
Most of the band and
Ottilie Patterson, circa 1960
Ottilie and Chris with Chris's Honorary Citizen of New Orleans certificate, presented in October 1959 TV show, probably 1960
Photographs from Contact Sheet 2
Photographs from Contact Sheet 3
Photographs from Contact Sheet 4
Photographs from Contact Sheet 5
Photographs from Contact Sheet 6
Chris Barber, Sandy Brown, and Pat Halcox
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