This page, and the two sets of pages that follow from it, are intended as a purely visual companion to Travels in 19th Century Iceland.

In that site, it is explained that the origins of modern travel to Iceland date back to at least the mid-18th century, but it was not until the 19th century and on into the beginning of the 20th century that large numbers of travellers began to visit the island. Many, if not all, were gentleman (and occasionally women) adventurers and scholars from the British Isles, and many of them published detailed accounts of their travels.

As remarkable as the sheer number of travellers and the books they produced over a period of more than a hundred years is the outstanding artistic talent that they and their companions displayed. Thus, the books we still have available to us today, in some cases two centuries old or more (and often housed only in rare-book collections), provide us with a unique and evolving picture - literally and figuratively - of this fascinating northern island.

Travels in 19th Century Iceland reproduces some of the text from many of the travel accounts, illustrated with contemporary drawings and paintings, as well as modern-day photographs of similar scenes. A Gallery of 19th Century Icelandic Landscape Art contains just the illustrations, which can be viewed either in a series of Gallery pages or as a Slide show (presented in various sizes and formats to suit most visitors to this site, depending on their computer and Internet connection).

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